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Maori Party reaffirms its support for children

July 9, 2009

Maori Party supports rights for children and opposes any violence

Maori Party supports rights for children and opposes any violence

Politicians kick for touch

June 17, 2009

Both John Key and Phil Goff have now said that they won’t be voting in the referendum, because the referendum question is so poorly worded.

Key went further to say the government would be unlikely to change the law no matter what the outcome of the referendum.

Phil Goff agrees: “The question implies that if you vote ‘yes’ that you’re in favour of criminal sanctions being taken against reasonable parents actually nobody believes that.”

True enough, but that’s only one way to read the question.  Tariana Turia and Russel Norman agree with us that a YES vote is the only way to indicate your clear support for the law.  There is near universal agreement that the referendum is a waste of money, as the Child Discipline Law is working as intended.

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