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Our friends in the Blogosphere

June 17, 2009

It’s time to share some love.  Over the last few days, we’ve had lots of coverage from a variety of blogs, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to see what others are saying. We’d like you consider supporting our friends who support us, by visiting their blogs occasionally and joining in the conversation.

The Hand Mirror has supported us from the start, most recently pointing out how confused John Boscawen is over the whole issue. They were the first to run our skyscraper.

No Right Turn has mentioned us several times, and runs our lovely banners too.

The Standard has run several items, most lately “Child beating lobby finished“, and also runs our skyscraper.’s published “That ridiculous referendum” yesterday and continues to give us good and broad coverage; they also run our skyscrapers.

Still Truckin had a story today called “And it’s all wasted time” and also runs our skyscraper.

TechTime summarised what we’re about and also runs our banner.

Ideologically Impure says “The question is stupid and its writers should feel stupid“.

Red Headed Devil child runs our skyscrapers.

If you think Christians are on the wrong side of this debate, think again. Christian Social Services (the folks who have to deal with the consequences of bad behaviour) are right behind us. Other brave religious souls have also spoken out.

Pork ‘n Puha run our banner.

Public Address have run a couple of great stories which have generated heaps of discussion and traffic.

Chris Nimmo not only runs the YES in ’09 Facebook Group, he also runs our banner.

TruthseekerNZ is unequivocal about his position.

Andrew McMillan discusses Childrens’ Rights in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for your support! We’re sorry if we missed anyone, do let us know and we’ll mention you in the next round.

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