Parenting Tip: Try to understand how your child thinks and feels

May 10, 2009

Try to understand how your child thinks and feels.

When you understand how your child thinks and feels at different stages of their development you are much better equipped to respond to challenging situations in a positive and constructive way.

This knowledge about your child’s development gives you a foundation for problem solving.  Instead of simply reacting in the moment, you can think about what your child’s behaviour means, and where it is leading them.

Often we misinterpret the reasons why children behave as they do.  When we think that they are defying us or trying to make us mad, we respond with anger and punishment.

When we understand that they are doing what they need to do in order to grow into the next stage, we are more likely to respond with the information and support they need.

Remember — each child is unique and will respond differently at each age and stage. The relationships between each parent and each child are also unique.

Thanks to Plunket for today’s tip!

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