Parenting Tip: Children see, children do

May 1, 2009

Children see, Children do.

Managing behaviour of kids doesn’t have to be a mystery. Stepping into their shoes and seeing the world from their eyes is often quite revealing. That could mean asking yourself why they might be doing what they’re doing and what your own behaviour is saying to them.

Children explore and experiment to find out about the world and their place in it.  They climb, taste, poke, jump, touch and ask a million questions to make sense of what’s around them and learn where their boundaries are.

Guiding all this exploration by making sure they stay safe and have plenty of new things to learn about means you’re helping them develop the skills and understanding they need for the years ahead.

Consistency is the key – always behave in the way you want your children to.

Thanks to Plunket for today’s tip!

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